PTA Membership

Please complete and submit the form below to become a member of the Brookridge Elementary PTA. Membership is $10.00 and includes family members. Your $10 donation is allocated in the following way:

  • National PTA dues are $3.75 for every membership
  • Kansas PTA dues are $1.75 for every membership
  • The remaining $4.50 is added to the Brookridge PTA budget)

You can make a payment by using the link on the submission page or by putting cash or check in an envelope marked PTA and leaving it with the school office. Contributions above $10 are always welcome and can be specified when paying online or by check. Please make sure we are able to match your payment information with your form. Checks should be made payable to Brookridge PTA. You can also download and print the PTA Membership Form by clicking here.

We know time is a rare commodity. Your purchase of a membership is a huge show of support. Joining the PTA does NOT obligate you to PTA activities – your participation is entirely up to you and your family!