PTA Student Enrichment Grant Request Form


PTA Student Enrichment Funds must be requested and voted on at PTA general membership meetings. Funds may be requested by teachers, staff, and students for any school-related activity. No group or event will automatically receive funds. This process is not meant to be punitive or exclude any groups. The goal of the process is for parents, students, and teachers to be active in PTA and instrumental in the process of how funds are raised and spent

All grant requests should be for programs, projects or materials that enhance Brookridge Elementary. Priority will be given to funding requests that:

  • Have a clear purpose.
  • Address a specific need in the Brookridge community.
  • Benefit a large number of Brookridge students.
  • Benefit a particular subgroup, special population, or address closing the achievement gap in the Brookridge community.
  • Have no other avenue for funding (district, school, corporate, parent, etc.)
  • Have matching funds from other sources (not required).
  • Have letters of support for the project.
  • Are from a student.


  • Any student, teacher, staff may submit a funding request. A student application must be co-sponsored by a Brookridge employee.
  • Late applications will not be considered.
  • If the request is identical or very similar to a previously funded project, prior success and ongoing need must be demonstrated.
  • Each school has technology funding separate from the PTA funding, and any technology funding must have applied for funding through that fund prior to requesting PTA funding.
  • For any request that proposes a project or intervention in a curriculum or in the classroom, a letter of support from the classroom teacher is required.
  • Requests may be fully or partially funded, or not funded at all.

Please address the questions below and submit your form. You may also download a printable version of this form here and submit via the PTA mailbox, located in the Brookridge office once you have completed all fields. Requests will be discussed at the next calendar meeting