Bobcats – 

You knocked it out of the park fundraising at the auction this year!
Due to your generosity and support we surpassed our auction goal by $7,000! 

The PTA funds field trips and other activities that support student learning and parent engagement throughout the school year.
We want to hear YOUR ideas on how the additional money generated by the auction should be spent!   What do you want to students to experience this year?


  • Use the online form to submit your idea(s) by November 15th.
  • Must identify who has submitted the idea in case we have questions.
  • Any Bobcat (including students, parents, caregivers or teachers) can submit an idea.
  • Be creative but realistic, please (IE, we can’t install a roller coaster at the school 😉 
  • Idea should be for the 2019-2020 school year
  • The PTA Executive Committee will review ideas and present a short list at an upcoming PTA meeting for review. 

Click here [insert link to description of things PTA already funds on website] to see the great things the PTA already funds!
Need some help thinking of ideas?  Here’s a few…..

  • Increase each grade’s field trip budget allocation!  (More field trips and experiences beyond the classroom for our kids!)
  • Brookridge Field Day t-shirts for EVERY kid at the school! (Builds school spirit and pride for every kid!)
  • Add a water bottle filler at a water fountain at the school (Promotes a healthy lifestyle!)
  • ………………What’s YOUR awesome idea?! 


Please enter your email, so we can follow up with you. Students may use guardian's email address if needed.